Born in the heart of Norway in 2007, Chaoz Productions is a Norwegian film company specializing in ski movies. After winning the Freeride Video Awards in Sweden, Eivind Aurstad and friends focused their efforts on Chaoz Productions’ first feature film, Empty Pockets (2008). Following the success of Empty Pockets, Chaoz Productions quickly grew into the formidable force in the ski film industry they are now, cementing their legacy with five successive invitations to IF3 for their films Shoot Me, All In, Broken Record, Turbulent Flow and Head Straight.

Boasting some of the greatest talent skiing has to offer on both sides of the camera, Chaoz Productions is a frontrunner in the industry and promises to keep pushing the envelope in years to come.

Previous releases:

  • Head Straight (2013)
  • Turbulent Flow (2012)
  • Broken Record (2011)
  • All In (2010)
  • Shoot Me (2009)
  • Empty Pockets (2008)